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01.10.2021 Smart Tourism Encyclopedia 453  
23.09.2021 Special track at the 29th Nordic Symposium on Tourism and Hospitality Research Encyclopedia 424  
29.07.2021 The Covid-19 pandemic and path to recovery and innovation Encyclopedia 469  
29.07.2021 Revenue management in hotel industry and innovation Encyclopedia 504  
11.02.2021 AIRTH's take on 2021 signs of change Encyclopedia 2475  
07.09.2020 Hotel for children Encyclopedia 8378  
14.08.2020 The evaluation of innovation Encyclopedia 3524  
12.08.2020 Digital Transformation in Tourism Manifesto Encyclopedia 6353  
12.08.2020 Albergo Diffuso, from disaster to innovation Encyclopedia 3975  
19.07.2020 Using Professional/Amateur Videos in Innovation Marketing Strategies Encyclopedia 4821  
31.05.2020 Four ways that design can contribute to tourism innovation Encyclopedia 5989  
03.01.2020 AIRTH's take on 2020 travel trends Encyclopedia 7655  
07.08.2019 Connected-community hotel Encyclopedia 6971  
26.07.2019 Ice hotel Encyclopedia 7014  
16.07.2019 Fair(er) home sharing Encyclopedia 7635  
16.07.2019 Video-based trip planner Encyclopedia 8201  
16.07.2019 Indoor ski resort and snow park Encyclopedia 7081  
19.03.2019 Lean Startup's role in corporate open innovation (video) Encyclopedia 8196  
18.03.2019 Regional revitalization through contemporary art Encyclopedia 8295  
11.03.2019 Shower device nudging hotel guests to save water Encyclopedia 8154  


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