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26.02.2020 Iis Tussyadiah „curates“ intelligent automation in tourism News 395  
29.01.2020 AIRTH Innovation-in-Motion selection News 508  
21.01.2020 Augmenting Travel Guides for Enriching Travel Experiences Encyclopedia 443  
21.01.2020 The Effects of Online and Face-to-face Experiential Value Co-creation on Tourists’ Wellbeing Encyclopedia 421  
21.01.2020 Using Design Thinking as an Educational Tool for Conceptualizing Future Smart Hotel Guest Experiences Encyclopedia 432  
21.01.2020 Segmenting Travelers Based on Responses to Nudging for Information Disclosure Encyclopedia 452  
21.01.2020 Designing Accessible Experiences for Heritage Visitors Through Virtual Reality Encyclopedia 437  
21.01.2020 Topic Modelling Tourism Literature on Innovation and Technology Encyclopedia 415  
21.01.2020 Showering Smartly. A Field Experiment Using Water-saving Technology to Foster Pro-environmental Behaviour among Hotel Guests Encyclopedia 432  
21.01.2020 Analysing Linkage between ICT and US State Tourism Websites Encyclopedia 433  
21.01.2020 VR the World: Investigating the Effectiveness of Virtual Reality for Destination Marketing through Presence, Emotion, and Intention Encyclopedia 467  
16.01.2020 Digital and non digital challenges of HIT Alpinea hotels in Julian Alps Encyclopedia 411  
15.01.2020 When CX and CSR converge through tourism tech innovation Encyclopedia 487  
15.01.2020 Ranua the Cloudberry destination – brought to you by the locals in an application Encyclopedia 433  
15.01.2020 Bodrum As a Smart Tourism Destination: Vision and Challenges Encyclopedia 412  
15.01.2020 Impact Tourism – Technology and Experience Redesign Perspective Encyclopedia 435  
15.01.2020 Big Data and Sustainability for the Tourism Industry Encyclopedia 399  
15.01.2020 Special track at ENTER 2020, University of Surrey, Guildford, UK Encyclopedia 1204  
10.01.2020 AIRTH hits ENTER for the second consecutive time! News 1009  
12.12.2019 New understandings of event satisfaction over time News 778  


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