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16.01.2020 Digital and non digital challenges of HIT Alpinea hotels in Julian Alps Encyclopedia 7  
15.01.2020 Ranua the Cloudberry destination – brought to you by the locals in an application Encyclopedia 21  
15.01.2020 Bodrum As a Smart Tourism Destination: Vision and Challenges Encyclopedia 14  
15.01.2020 Impact Tourism – Technology and Experience Redesign Perspective Encyclopedia 18  
15.01.2020 When CX and CSR converge through tourism tech innovation Encyclopedia 12  
15.01.2020 Big Data and Sustainability for the Tourism Industry Encyclopedia 21  
15.01.2020 Selected ENTER/AIRTH 2020 conference presentations Encyclopedia 61  
10.01.2020 AIRTH hits ENTER for the second consecutive time! News 172  
12.12.2019 New understandings of event satisfaction over time News 242  
28.11.2019 “AIRTHers’ curated” Tourism Review special issue on business models in tourism News 433  
15.11.2019 Airbnb, innovation adoption and the market value of lodging firms News 490  
08.10.2019 AIRTH 2019 "Innovation in Motion" Conference in Innsbruck News 834  
07.10.2019 An examination of the role of place-making in tourism as a driver of innovation Encyclopedia 589  
07.10.2019 Leisure Sickness An underestimated problem of the working population? Encyclopedia 637  
27.09.2019 Innovation potentials in service ecosystem dynamics of art festivals: Towards social contact typology Encyclopedia 753  
27.09.2019 A design method of sustainable innovation for maintenance of traditional landscape Encyclopedia 1283  
27.09.2019 Exploring the innovative, knowledge-based use of daily deals distribution channels by hotel managers Encyclopedia 647  
27.09.2019 Revenue Management mobile application Encyclopedia 616  
27.09.2019 Virtual Reality in tourism – Is it real enough? Encyclopedia 694  
27.09.2019 Analyzing the distribution shape of tourists' evaluation of tourist attractions Encyclopedia 616  


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