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05.12.2021 AIRTH hosts special track at 7th UNESCO UNITWIN Conference 2022 News 4205  
23.09.2021 AIRTH Innovation-in-Motion selection News 10237  
23.09.2021 Hacking Hekla: Developing entrepreneurship and innovation in practice – barriers and ways forwards Encyclopedia 3983  
23.09.2021 Tourism firms in crisis: Theoretical perspectives on the role of the entrepreneurial ecosystem Encyclopedia 4004  
23.09.2021 Retaining Recreational Tourism Through Digital Solutions Encyclopedia 3987  
23.09.2021 Guest cards and weather conditions in city destinations – An analysis of visitor flows - The case of the “Geneva City pass” Encyclopedia 4015  
23.09.2021 Product innovation overnight Encyclopedia 4014  
23.09.2021 The potential impact of The University of Iceland Science Park on Tourism Innovation in Iceland Encyclopedia 4022  
23.09.2021 The life cycle of China's exhibition patents for new exhibition travel Encyclopedia 4003  
23.09.2021 Revisit intention in terms of destination image and travel anxiety under COVID-19 in Japan among travelers who obtain travel information from social media influencer Encyclopedia 4116  
23.09.2021 Tools for Sustainable Transformations in Tourism Encyclopedia 4020  
23.09.2021 Designing a sustainable hotel platform for increased productivity and loyalty benefit - is it the right time for cooperation in the hotel industry? Encyclopedia 4035  
23.09.2021 Youth activation and intergenerational collaboration for tourism innovation in precarious times: LocalsFromZero case study Encyclopedia 4016  
23.09.2021 Factors influencing exclusion and untapped potential of young and small tourism professionals Encyclopedia 4339  
21.09.2021 AIRTH@N29: Role Of Young Tourism And Innovation Professionals In Tomorrow's Global Tourism News 4263  
24.07.2021 When are we actually in the role of a "tourist"? News 4388  
04.08.2020 The second 2020 intern joins AIRTH News 7430  
01.07.2020 A new intern joins AIRTH! News 7870  
26.02.2020 Iis Tussyadiah „curates“ intelligent automation in tourism News 8449  
21.01.2020 Augmenting Travel Guides for Enriching Travel Experiences Encyclopedia 8688  


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