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City of Ljubljana Scent

We refer to Ljubljana as a city with a green soul; a city living in harmony with nature and implementing advanced sustainable development measures. For its high environmental conscience, it has received a number of international awards for sustainable tourism and it is the recipient of the flattering title of the 2016 European Green Capital.

We maintain environmentally-friendly behaviour in every respect, even in relation to product sales. This is the reason behind the development of the new, sustainable product: The City of Ljubljana Scent. It is a novelty for there has not been any such olfactory symbol of the city. The olfactory symbolism has already been established and recognised as an innovative and efficient method of communication. There are a few examples of olfactory symbolism in cities and countries, but the main difference between the other examples and the scent regulations of Ljubljana is that those scents are composed of mostly synthetic ingredients, while the City of Ljubljana Scent is made from 100% natural ingredients of plant origin. The City of Ljubljana Scent will give the city its own olfactory signature, used for ambiance and the development of high quality and boutique sales products. We will develop two sales products: the oil perfume roll for personal use and room refresher spray. The personal-use scent symbolises the Ljubljana Dragon as a symbol of courage, fire, passion and magic powers – this scent will include warm and spice blend elements. The ambiance scent will be presented as a symbol of purity, flow, variability, rebirth, peace and cold – just like the Ljubljanica River. This scent will use fresh and cold aroma elements.

Ljubljana shall, therefore, be a proud pioneer in launching of 100% natural scents, being in perfect harmony with the green direction and sustainable attitude of the city. We are convinced that the City of Ljubljana Scent will have a positive effect on foreign travellers, who can come to the capital and leave for home with long-lasting impressions and experiences of Ljubljana.





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