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Potica with truffles

For the European gastronomic region 2021, it is fitting to create something truly special. The sLOVEnia EAT team decided to roll up their sleeves and go into action. How does Slovenia smell and how does it taste? This is a question for all "creators" of Slovenian culinary tourism. Do we want our guests to remember our country by the smell of pork fat or the prestigious truffles? It all depends on the vision and the target audience we want to attract. If we want boutique tourism, then there is no doubt ... Foreign guests have already recognized us and discovered the magical power of our three-headed dragon.

Our vision is to transfer the essence of magical truffles to three popular culinary products, thus creating a value-added product that guests will definitely fill. Together with our partners we will create Ice cream, štruklji and potica with the essence and taste of the truffles. The products will be marketed and sold at the most eminent locations in Ljubljana.

The perversely good and mysterious truffles attract gourmets from all over the world to our country. Let's offer them something more. Let Slovenia be the country that will offer them a highlight. Truffles are our hidden trump card, a culinary surplus that is evidenced in every bite - as is the love that clearly appeals to our guests from our name. This one goes through the stomach and so it should remain. Let us take away our unnecessary modesty and hopefully take a step forward. Letz's the Truffle become the Grand Ambassador of Slovenian Gastronomy!

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