Idea Wednesday, March 16, 2022 1723 hits

Developing a sensory booking platform

With the rise of the Online to Offline(O2O) business model and intense competition in this area, hotels have had to change their business model to stay relevant and visible. However, this comes at a price as the hotels must pay a hefty commission to these OTAs to access these customers, and, as such, hotels encourage customers to book directly with them. This is where sensory booking platform can help hotels secure bookings. Most online platforms are very standard, and the customer cannot get a personal sense of the hotel that they will be booking. To differentiate themselves and give themselves an edge over their competitors hotels can opt to design websites which appeal to customers' cognitive senses. Studies show that positive online experiences translate to offline activity, immersing customers in the hotel through advancements in technology such as Virtual reality, Augmented reality, Haptic touch, Auditory inputs, andVR food taste and smell add ons will result in positive experiences for both customer and the hotel.





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