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Hotel for children

The Land of Legends, Kingdom Hotel

Gül Beril Kımıllı, AIRTH intern


The Land of Legends, the biggest leisure and entertainment park, and the first theme hotel designed for children in Turkey opened in Belek, Antalya, in July 2016. Mr. Çetin Pehlivan, the hotel manager is describing the hotel as ‘The Kingdom Hotel inspires adults to release the children who are inside them and for children to hold on to their childhood magic.’

Description of the destination or original product

The Land of Legends is not just a hotel or an amusement park. It's like an experimental example of a new generation of entertainment offering... There are many diverse sections in it, such as water parks, theme parks, shopping units, a replica of Venice's canals, rivers where boats in the form of musical instruments will float. The facility employs more than 700 employees, offering various adrenaline entertainment options such as a 5D cinema, crazy river, wave pool, sleigh water slide. The hotel part consists of 410 rooms. Kingdom Hotel offers a unique experience with its fantasy-fuelled decoration, 401 fairy-tale rooms designed for children. The Land of Legends Kingdom Hotel allows everyone to feel like a child again. Rooms are kitted out with child-friendly features such as 3D TVs, games, and cartoon wall art. The rooms combine modern elements in their unique cartoon design and promise a comfortable experience for families with children. Children can also enjoy 100% wool carpet with its projector and wall screen to play the Playstation 4. Moreover, to facilitate reaching the target segment of families, all children under the age of 12 are accommodated free of charge.

The hotel is designed by Franco Dragone Productions, the genius of the entertainment world known for being the mind behind the success of Cirque du Soleil, the world's most famous circus. Dragone has introduced a concept that combines impressive architecture with never-ending entertainment options and this concept is the first of its kind in Turkey

The process that led to the recognition that change was necessary

Although local people say “Antalya, is now full of the hotels”, what people needed was something different. There is no doubt that the sector needed innovation. As long as entrepreneurs can combine the leisurely nature of the region with projects that are interesting, it will be possible to attract the attention of both domestic and foreign tourists. Antalya needed and still needs such innovative initiatives to revive the industry.

Cem Tuna, who oversees both the aqua and dry parks, brings a wealth of theme park experience to The Land of Legends. Cem Tuna came to Turkey in 2013 to open Vialand Park in Istanbul and operated it for five years before leaving to start Land of Legends. Before that, he matured his experience for 25 years in Australia, at Dreamworld theme park, and Voyages Resort Hotel. Tuna says: “Land of Legends is a location and a vision. It is very special.” The idea behind the imaginatively themed park, is that a meteor fell to earth, spawning a variety of worlds, each rooted in a different legend. The Dragone Gate, dividing the Kingdom Hotel – Turkey’s first hotel specially designed for children – from the park, is a portal to those worlds. Today, The Land of Legends, Kingdom Hotel combines a five-star hotel, waterpark, and theme park within one location.


First of all, in 2016, the plan was initially to achieve 60% occupancy mark of the surrounding hotels in the first year, and then to expand the business further. The management of the Land of Legends knew that it will take work, and marketing to make this place a destination park all year round. Moreover, although the city of Antalya has much to offer, tourism is still very seasonal and almost stops for five months over the winter. 

Success/failure story

Nowadays, the majority of the Land of Legends’ visitors are Russian, the rest made up of European tourists. In 2016, Cem Tuna said: “Phase 1 is aqua, phase 2 is the dry theme park, and then we have a phase 3; which will be an extension of the dry park. Then, in 2021, we will have phase 4. The dry park is going to be humongous. That’s the plan.”

Today, in 2020, they implemented until phase 3 as they planned. The Land of Legends has an aquapark, theme park, and an extension of the dry park. Each year, it keeps attracting more tourists from all over the world with its new features. The Land of Legend’s current vision is to make a facility like the one of Disney World in Orlando so that it could attract people all year round; enjoying the dry park and the hotels in the wintertime as well.

Company info

Kadriye Mahallesi No:1, D:No 515, 07525 Serik, Antalya TURKEY

Phone:+90 212 336 57 00






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