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 Cook Eat Slovenia

Cook Eat Slovenia - traditional recipes from Slovenia

This book on traditional Slovenian recipes was written by Špela Vodovc and published in English. The selection of recipes presented in the book has been used in her family for many generations and honors her family heritage and traditional Slovenian cuisine. The dream of sharing these recipes with the world and allowing people to explore Slovenian culture through food was the driving force behind the project.

Cook Eat Slovenia - naslovnica knjige
Blejska kremna rezina
Borovničev liker
Idrijski žlikrofi
Klapavice na buzaro
Srnino stegno in zdrobovi štruklji s skuto
Stročji fižol s krompirjem
Pehtranova potica
Naziv prijavitelja
Mison d.o.o.




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