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Velenje Underground

Characterised by an authentic mining setting, Velenje underground is an exceptional five-star culinary experience happening 160 m below the surface. It combines top cuisine with elements of sustainable development in the authentic environment of tangible and intangible technical and cultural mining heritage and easily satisfies each of the five senses with a genuine experience of a mining atmosphere (arched cave tunnels, dim light cast by cave lamps, smell of coal, muffled sounds of mining machinery and fine cuisine.) In a short span of just a few hours, the experience "transforms" the visitor into a miner and takes them on a journey through a miner’s typical workday: the gathering in the changing room, a ride in the elevator, a visit to the mine, a miner’s meal, a ride with a train, and a lift back to the surface and miners’ "black" changing room. Although the whole story is an experience of great excellence, it still allows the visitor to identify with the basic characteristics of a miner’s workday.

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Zavod za turizem Šaleške doline




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