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Karra, unveil the hidden Karst

Karra is your personal host and creator of extraordinary experiences for those who appreciate the original, the boutique and the personal. She is at home in the beautiful Karst. She prepares unforgettable celebrations, team buildings, and other custom-made authentic experiences for small private groups. She has a strong detective streak and adores escape rooms and treasure hunts. She loves good cuisine and nature. It collaborates with 50 top karst creators (also in Italy), so she implements extremely diverse content in her program. In his five plays, "Karst Escapes", as well as with other experiences, she interprets the Karst nature and the cultural heritage in a modern, interactive way and revives stories that should not be forgotten. Unveil the hidden Karst with Karra.

Gibalne terapije v gmajni
Soba pobega v gmajni - Rešitev iz gmajne
Marmeladni kviz pod stoletnim hrastom
Krasni Kras
Pokušina na domačem vrtu
Vinska degustacija v vinogradu
Soba Pobega Kosovelova enigma
Lov za zakladom po Tomaju - Viktorijina skrivnost
Delavnice v gmajni
Lov za zakladom po Štanjelu - Črna mačka v Štanjelu
Naziv prijavitelja
IDEJE, KONCEPTI IN ZGODBE, Vojka Žgavec Clemenz s.p.




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