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Wine tasting in the dark

The tunnel under Ptuj Castle is dark and mysterious, like the corridors of wine cellars that stretch under the city streets and houses, which once housed important wine-growing families and wine merchants.

When we started to use the tunnel under the castle a year ago, we decided to take advantage of the environment for a whole new approach to wine experiences. Wine tastings in the dark bring wine closer in a unique way, putting the palates and nose first. Total darkness helps us not only taste the wine, but also feel it.

The tunnels were built as a military facility for shelter and storage; they were quickly abandoned. There is no electricity in them, the temperature is a constant 13 degrees. We took advantage of the conditions, because the essence of tasting in the tunnel is darkness. In the dark, wine is perceived in a different way; with the sense of sight taken away, the taste and smell sharpened. Guests come to the part of the tunnel where the tasting is  with the help of lantern ligh. There are tables and comfortable chairs. Then we turn off the lights, the winemaker uses his night-vision goggles, and the space is filled with the sounds of original music that illustrates the life of wine. Tasting is an extremely interactive experience, guests interact with their perceptions and share them with each other.

The experience lasts about an hour and a half, before the start we prepare short presentation of the tunnel.

Naziv prijavitelja
Zavod TuRA Ptuj




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