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 Luka Žerjal

From shepherd's breakfast to castle dinner

Pliskovica is one of the larger villages in the Karst, where we are encountering cultural and natural heritage at every turn. It is a village where many elements of typical Karst architecture, as well as many knowledge, and cultural heritage, have been preserved to this day.

As we are aware that the demand for adventure tourism is on the rise, especially with a focus on green and sustainable tourism and cuisine, we have improved our existing offer, enriched it a little and linked it into a 3-day experiential program that can satisfy even more demanding guest. Given that Slovenia will be selected the European Gastronomic Region next year, we have included specially selected providers in the program. The experience is suitable for a group of 2 to 6 people who will be staying with any accommodation provider in Pliskovica. Together with an experienced local guide, they will embark on a journey between villages surrounded by vineyards and countless dry stone walls, which testify to the coexistence of man with the landscape and learn how in the past locals could use natural resources to their advantage.

Stone from the region, hand-in-hand with cuisine, customs, tradition and stunning nature, allow the visitor to discover the mysteries that have been engraved in elements of this typical architecture for centuries while actively spending their free time. At the same time, the visitor tastes typical Karst food and wines from Karst winemakers while actively spending their free time in nature. Visitors can experience local traditions such as hand-cutting of the ham, and local food family recipes that the housewives inherited from their ancestors. They will also be able to experience homemade whole-grain bread for which the flour is ground on a stone mill by hand.

In the three-day program, we want to provide the guest with a unique experience, while at the same time through nature and recreation make sure that our ancestors customs are not forgotten. We involve local smaller producers and suppliers to ensure their visibility while promoting healthy lifestyle and locally grown local food.

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