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Dinner at the Vinarium Tower

The Institute for Tourism and Development Lendava has designed a 5 star culinary experience at one of the most visited tourist spots in Slovenia, the Vinarium Tower in Lendava, which measures as high as 53.50 meters. While preparing Slovenia for the European Gastronomic Region 2021 title, we also want to contribute to Slovenian goals in Lendava, so we designed exclusive culinary delights at a unique location that will be held as a product of Dinner at the Vinarium Tower. We will invite renowned chefs from four countries to participate in each of the various dinners (From the stage you can see to four countries), with which we will design modern dishes from local ingredients and exclusively offer them to a maximum of 40 guests for each performance. There will be space for up to 40 people on the tower to enjoy excellent food, drinks and, of course, the ambiance offered by the attractive Vinarium Tower.

Naziv prijavitelja
Zavod za turizem in razvoj Lendava




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