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Lucky Button - The Heritage of Button Industry in the Savinja Region

Since the sale of buttons has decreased drastically within the last 20 years as most domestic and foreign textile businesses ceased production the Dolejši Fashion Buttons company seeks new opportunities on the market with an added value. The basic idea of the business plan is to create a so-called "tourists spot" where visitors get introduced to the history of button production, the timeline of production procedures from past to contemporary, a sustainable vision of the company, where waste from button production gets used for new products (local novelties, jewellery, etc.). We are confident that by creating a new tourist destination at the company headquarters, we would enrich the local tourism options in the Savinja region and add a unique tourist product to the market that would appeal to both domestic and foreign visitors. Because we also wish to make this experience available to people in wheelchairs, our premises would require certain modifications to increase accessibility. Additionally, spots for creation and sale would need to be arranged. Upon visit, visitors would pay an entry fee and at the conclusion of their visit they would receive a free souvenir, produced by the Dolejši Fashion Buttons company. We would like to make the company Dolejši Fashion Buttons a location offering an exquisite tourist experience and intergenerational gatherings. 

Gumbi zadnjih kolekcij
Gumbi in turistični spominki
Proizvodnja okoli leta 1965
Naziv prijavitelja
Dolejši modni gumbi d. o. o.




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