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Wine is a Melody of our Heart

The full-day experience is based on an authentic experience in the wine-growing region of Podravje, in the Styria region, in the Ščavnica valley and in Apaško Polje, which lies in the immediate vicinity of the Slovenian-Austrian border river Mura – the region in which the wine is made, and on establishing an emotional and lasting contact between the wine maker and the one who tastes it. The tourist product belongs to the boutique category for groups of up to 15 visitors. The product is sustainable and combines heritage, family tradition, authentic environment, local cuisine, wine, art and new technologies. The innovation lies in the multi-sensory experience of wine tasting, which is the pinnacle of the experience.




Ampelografski vrt
Vina Steyer
Ampelografski vrt
Ampelografski vrt
Klet Steyer
Posestvo Steyer
Stara preša
Kovaška soba za multisenzorično pokušnjo vina
Vinogradniška južina
Naziv prijavitelja
Steyer vina, Steyer Danilo




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