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Chocolate from Radovljica

The new 5* Radovljica Chocolate experience will offer visitors the chance to enjoy a piece of the Radovljica Chocolate Festival experience year-round.

Radovljica Chocolate is an entirely new experience in the field of chocolate both in Radovljica and in Slovenia itself. It will attractive and interesting even in the rain and bed weather, as well as in the period before and after the main tourist season. The 5* culinary experience will be tailor-made based on individuals' desires, needs and tastes. Those taking part will acquire new knowledge, skills and expertise, and will have fun creating chocolate products based on their own tastes. All the senses will be in play in the experience: smell, touch, taste and sight.

The aim of the workshops is to transform participants' pleasure from enjoying chocolate - from being just chocolate eaters to becoming chocolate gourmets.

The Radovljica Chocolate experience will support the vision of Slovenian tourism. The desire is to build a unique gastronomic experience, offer non-mass tourism, ensure authenticity through the use of local raw materials and recipes, provide an authentic experience in a pleasant atmosphere, and build on home-grown knowledge and the high quality on offer., avtor: Miha Horvat
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