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Goat farm in Bela krajina

Visitors to the Goat farm in Bela krajina will experience Bela krajina's hospitality, nature, forest, and goats relaxation of this area. Like happy, jumpy and curious goats who like to hang out, stroll and bite whatever comes in handy for them. Even for the young prawns and goats in love, there will be a romantic corner hidden in the woods besides, for slightly older goats and goats, they will be prepared for pampering or walking in nature.

And there is no shortage of excellent goat goods here. Forest fruits (mushrooms, chestnuts, pomegranates, various herbs, excellent meat (prawns, lambs, farm chickens, trout or beef grazing, excellent local meats), milk and dairy products (home-made yoghurts, milk to buy on the farm, cheeses), flour and their products (various types of flour, pulp, homemade polenta and semolina), wines, sparkling wine and home-made beer.

Kozličkova domačija
Kozličkova domačija 1
Pripomočki na Kozličkovi domačiji
Kozličkov vrtiček
Kozličkov čaj
Kozin počitek
Kozličkova hiša 1
Kozličkova dobrota
Kozina zdravilna zelišča
Dobrote Kozličkove domačije
Kozlički pomagajo na vrtu
Kozličkov zelenjavni vrtiček
Kozličkova steza
Poučen čebelnjak na Kozličkovi domačiji
Dobrote Kozličkove domačije
Kruh iz krušne peči Kozličkove domačije
Kozličkova malica
Kozličkova pojedina
Naziv prijavitelja
Medeni butik BIBI, Bernarda Kump s.p




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