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The Survival of Small Farms & Romantic wilderness

There are a large number of small livestock and mountain farms worldwide, that are ceasing to exist because farmers don't earn enough money to survive or maintain their farms. Farming is a diminishing industry and these small scale farms, in their collective numbers, contribute to feeding the local population and in my case, providing the community with dairy.  But if these small scale farms, in rural and many times underprivileged communities, cannot survive because of their inability to scale up or become commercial, their futures are in danger.

My vision is to open-up these small farms to visitors who love nature and the outdoors, providing them with the opportunity and a place to stay and enjoy an eco-friendly paradise. Guests would have the opportunity to gather in the evenings, light a fire, prepare meal and enjoy all that these beautiful properties have to offer.

Achieving this goal, could be done at a relatively small cost to farmers. I envision this on a small scale, with a means of one or two tiny houses that could be self-running, with minimal effort required from the farmers. This simple way of living would attract a select segment of the population, one that cherishes and enjoys nature’s beauty, therefore not harming the land and environment in the process.

This modest approach could provide farmers with additional income, with minimal extra work, allowing them to maintain and survive on their small farms and continue to provide food for their local communities.


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