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Sun Salute

Every day, before sunrise, we will set off on the hill above Ljubljana with torches, so that we will have a perfect active start of the day. Slovenians are known for hiking and its mountains. We really just love them. They are part of us and our identities. For all those who want to feel the real Slovenian spiritz and nature - thats it!

Sunrise is expected to be experienced on one of the nearby hills with perfect views of the green forests, valleys and beautiful Alps. This would be followed by yoga and meditation in the nature at a truly magical point. Before descending to the valley, we will have a real traditional slovenian mountain breakfast together.

The location of the hike is still hidden from "mass" tourism. It is a unique experience that summarizes in one word our slogan: After morning, the day is known.

Are you ready to feel the essence of real Slovenia? Let the unforgettable journey begin with the dance of sensory sensations. A genuine experience of green Slovenia with the locals awaits you - an adventure that is unparalleled - facing yourself. Welcome.


Naziv prijavitelja




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