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Co-working space in the garden

We have been cheering guests on offering them extra goodies from our garden for years, be it spice stalks or a head of fresh lettuce.

We draw this highly respected attention into our story in a way that guests are able to co-create it through the seasons, leaving their mark on the development of the village far away from it all: low carbon seal, because they will eat vegetables grown in the range of 0 km, zero waste, food grown without any unpleasant additives.

Our innovation is the preparation of a large garden with a greenhouse and the wallnuts plantation on the former now already overgrown field, where we will jointly stimulate our guests to contribute in all seasons, following the shaing economy principles:

- spring: garden preparation and planting, harvesting winter crops such as leeks, motifs, winter greenhouse salads ...
- summer: harvest of all vegetable produce, drying herbs and teas ...
- autumn: crop harvesting, picking nuts, drying herbs ...
- winter: friction of nuts, harvest of winter crops such as winter salads

At the same time we will encourage guests to keep a diary, write recommendations and recipes, and let future guests know what they have created. For their own use, they can also collect teas and herbs as a keepsake.

domačija Škvor
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domačija Škvor, Staša Mesec




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