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We taste the heritage "From glaze to herbal preparations"

With the implementation of the project, we taste the heritage "From glaze to herbal preparations" we want to develop a unique glassware product, an additional offer of glassware programs, to achive greater interest for various target groups, wich enable higher attendance and economic income ot the local community and the Obsotelje and Kozjansko areas. Glassproducts, wich will be produced in the traditional way, by hand blowing and molding glass obove the flame, will later be filled  with herbal preparations; hydrolates, herbal drops and herbal oils. The project will take place at the Rogatec Craft Center and the eco- herb garden at the Rogatec Open Air Museum.

The bottels will be original, tradidional, alreddy known by the Minorites in the monastery of Olimje (1663). The mission of the Rogatec Institute for Culture, Tourism and Development is to market the condement tourist offer of the municipality of Rogatec and its local providers. According to the statistics of the attendance at the open-air museum, Strmol Manor, the Equesttrian Center, there are more than 20.000 visitors annually, which is about 500 buseses.

By carrying out the project of making traditional bottles or. of products filled with herbal prparationas, we plan to increase the revenue from the sale of products and services by at least 20 %, which is financially justifiable and will enable higher revenue for the municpality and the economy ot the Obsotelje and Kozjansko area.

v eko zeliščnem vrtu
z muzejskim vlakom na dogodke
lokalna kulinarika
svatovska pogača - še ohranjena tradicija
prezentacija rokodelcev
pihanje stekla - rokodelski center
oblikovanje stekla v steklarski peči
eko zeliščni vrt
oblikovanje stekla
tradicionalne steklenice iz glažut
iz zeliščnega vrta
tradicionalni stekleni izdelki
dvorec strmol z rokodelskim centrom
zeleni festival v muzeju na prostem
Eko zeliščni vrt in muzej na prostem
pripravki iz zelišč v stekleničkah
Naziv prijavitelja
Javni zavod za kulturo, turizem in razvoj občine R




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