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Stone on stone & a farmer's meal in Karst gmajna

The stone is the basic beginning of the Karst. It is a fundamental identification of the Karst landscape, its natural and cultural identity. It forms the basic DNA of Karst women and men. The archetypal Karst character is derived from it: its (apparent) robustness and roughness (in Karst, "there is no soil", there is only hard rock); its delicacy, sensitivity, vulnerability (due to the porosity of the limestone, it has penetrated into today since yesterday). The most noble Karst material and intangible heritage originates from stone. A part of it has been under UNESCO patronage since 2018.

At the same time, Karst has been recognized by visitors for centuries as an eminent culinary destination. It is most renowned for its traditional home-made dishes, which are famous for being "taken" from wild or home-grown ingredients and following the principle of seasonality.

With our tourism project, we want to preserve and value both invaluable heritage (among the local population and guests) by incorporating them into an interesting and attractive, interactive tourist product for the contemporary tourist.

Karra_Kamen na kamen&'marenda' v kraški gmajni_1
Karra_Kamen na kamen&'marenda' v kraški gmajni_2
Karra_Kamen na kamen&'marenda' v kraški gmajni_3
Karra_Kamen na kamen&'marenda' v kraški gmajni_4
Karra_Kamen na kamen&'marenda' v kraški gmajni_5
Karra_Kamen na kamen&'marenda' v kraški gmajni_6
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