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Segmenting Travelers Based on Responses to Nudging for Information Disclosure

Yang Lu (a), Athina Ioannou (b), Iis Tussyadiah (b), Shujun Li (b); a - University of Kent, School of Computing, Canterbury, UK; b - University of Surrey, School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, Guildford, UK
<insert-authors> (2020). <insert-abstract-title>. ENTER 2020 Conference: Responsible eTourism; 2020 Jan 8 - 10, Guildford, UK. Retrieved: <insert-date>, from http://www.airth.global
Digital technologies shape travel environments. Noticing online privacy issues, consumers can hold distinct attitudes towards disclosing personal information to service providers. We conducted a panel survey to gauge travelers’ willingness to share personal information with service providers, provided with different types of nudges. Based on the results of clustering analysis, two segments were identified: travelers who are reasonably willing to share (Privacy Rationalists) and those who are reluctant to share (Privacy Pessimists). This study provides empirical evidence of privacy segmentations in the travel context, which has not been reported before and thus deserves more attention from both researchers and practitioners.
travel; privacy; information disclosure; incentive; nudge; segmentation; profiling
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