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Using Design Thinking as an Educational Tool for Conceptualizing Future Smart Hotel Guest Experiences

C.K. Bruce Wan (a), Kate Sangwon Lee (a), Daniel Leung (b), Sangwon Park (b); a - School of Design, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong; b - School of Hotel and Tourism Management, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong
<insert-authors> (2020). <insert-abstract-title>. ENTER 2020 Conference: Responsible eTourism; 2020 Jan 8 - 10, Guildford, UK. Retrieved: <insert-date>, from http://www.airth.global
Design thinking (DT) is the foundation of smart tourism innovation. This study extends the theoretical foundation by showcasing how DT was deployed in a tertiary classroom setting during a smart hospitality innovation project. The study involved 30 students who were asked to design tomorrow’s smart hotel guest experiences for business and family travelers. The study used an explanatory case study to report the curriculum design, the DT methods used, and the way they were applied to the design practice. We made suggestions for tourism professionals and educators who want to deploy DT in their smart tourism innovation projects.
Design Thinking; Smart Hospitality; Smart Tourism Innovation; Experience-driven Design
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