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When CX and CSR converge through tourism tech innovation

Colin Bidewell (Pathway Consulting Group Ltd, UK)

<insert-authors> (2020). <insert-abstract-title>. ENTER 2020 Conference: Responsible eTourism; 2020 Jan 8 - 10, Guildford, UK. Retrieved: <insert-date>, from http://www.airth.global
When CX and CSR converge through digital transformation 
For many years, "lounger hogging" (reserving a sun lounger with a towel, only for it to be left unused for extended periods of time thereby denying another guest present use of that lounger) has featured as a key factor affecting the enjoyment of hotel guests.
Additionally, business is increasingly embracing technology to help improve financial performance via such enablers as increased analytics and big data, personalisation and new media advertising. Sustainability and responsible investing is becoming more prevalent and expected within a regulated financial system as well. From a wellness perspective, UV overexposure and premature death from skin cancer continues to be a major global issue within the 17 Sustainable Development Goals to which UN member states are subscribed, with health authorities citing the importance of awareness and early intervention in reducing healthcare premiums or redirecting limited resources to treat less avoidable conditions instead. 
The "Lounger Logger-ensuring a fairer sunbathe"(R) system currently in development enables system adopters to step up to their Directors' duties in these areas and currently seeks the industry's pioneers, leaders, disruptors and challenger brands to help the sector advance against its multi-stakeholder agenda. 
Presenter bio
Colin Bidewell works as an independent management consultant, helping clients to improve their business performance primarily via their sourcing, procurement, contracting and supply chain management function.
Colin was inspired with the "Lounger Logger-ensuring a fairer sunbathe"(R) project after having been a cruise ship passenger himself on a sea-day with all passengers on-board.
Colin saw at first hand the issues associated with lounger over-absences from a governance perspective and thinking there was a better way to harness the power of technology to optimise capacity utilisation, improve sustainability and financial performance whilst addressing too legal claim and talent retention risks associated with accessibility, (mental) health and safety at work and arbitration of disputed lounger occupancy rights. 
Presentation of the organisation
Pathway Consulting Group Limited was incorporated in November 2015 as a niche management consultancy, specialising in sourcing, procurement and cost optimisation. It uses the 4D(R) methodology of "Discover, Diagnose, Develop, Deploy" and analogy to the clinical pathway (which patients undergo when presenting condition symptoms to a healthcare professional) to describe how a procurement function can assure its host organisation of obtaining best value for money from its supply chain. In short we ensure our clients have "The right contracts with the right people for the right things"(TM).


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