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AIRTH's take on 2020 travel trends

Every year different marketing agencies and consultancy companies compete with their predictions about the most significant trends for the coming year. This year, being also the beginning of a new decade, such lists are ever more prominent. So, to start an innovation-fuelled 2020, AIRTHers put their heads together in late December 2019 and early January 2020 and prepared our selection of top 5 trends that we believe will leave a mark in the travel industry of the 2020s. These include:
- Secondary cities: the interest in unknown destinations is growing. With over-tourism suffocating iconic destinations such as Venice, Barcelona, and Amsterdam, many travelers are more than ever willing to explore the "second-tier" destinations, even more so if visiting such cities contributes to the wellbeing of the locals and thus allows tourists to feel feel that they are the drivers of sustainable tourism change.
- Slow-motion: instead of looking for efficiency that dominates our working lives, many travelers will decide to take longer and more scenic routes to their destinations. This means preferring the "old-school" yet now also "sustainable" means of transport such as trains, boats, and even their own feet.
- Gastro-centric: you scroll your social media, get attracted by a particular dish that stimulates your imagination, and figure out who the chef behind it is. Next thing, you research where their restaurant is located, get a table confirmed in some months' time, and bang there you go – this will be your next trip. Sounds familiar? Indeed it is one of highly likely travel scenarios of 2020s.
- Like a local: days when travelers just wanted to see the main sights of the destination are long gone. Now travel is about experiencing authentic places, sipping coffee in the hidden neighborhood cafes, and buying seasonal local produce from the small farmers' markets that were up until now some of the best-kept secrets of local residents. Experiencing local culture and people watching are a must.
- Solo travel: a steeply growing segment, not only single millennials but even people above 45 in functional relationships, is pursuing solo travel to focus on particular interests. Tempting the solo traveler with an attractive and fairly-priced offer will become one of the big topics in travel marketing.
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