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Istrian Breakfast - A local bite

Mateja HRVATIN KOZLOVIC, Founder, Mateja Hrvatin Kozlovic s.p., info@istrianbreakfast.si



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As a result of the first tourist hackathon in Slovenia in October 2017, organized by the Slovenian Tourist Board, a brand new business model was developed based on the idea of bridging gaps between different local providers. The main goal of the hackathon was to develop new initiatives based on a five-star experience. In the following months, the project Istrian breakfast - a Local Bite, was initiated and launched in spring 2018. The Istrian Breakfast is a nutritionally balanced breakfast made of ingredients that are sourced exclusively from local producers (farmers and small growers - at km 0). Its Business model is based on the principle of shared economy. The Istrian Breakfast is delivered to small tourist rooms, apartments and accommodations throughout Slovenian Istria. Guests also receive a service of 5 local experiences for free, which give them the possibility to meet local people and discover the gastronomy and cultural heritage of the local community. In the light of this, a network of locals was built through the project in order to support small partners and improve the local community.

Three different levels of stakeholders were linked through the project Istrian Breakfast. The first level is represented by small producers and farmers who produce genuine products, which maintain the gastronomical identity of the region. Due to their limited capacity, they are not able to sell to big trading chains. By supporting these producers, the Istrian identity is sustained and local families are able to raise their quality of life.

The second level are the accommodation providers. Due to the increase of shared economy in tourism, the number of people who decide to rent their home or just some rooms is growing. However, a lack of organization, additional services and many unexploited opportunities still remain today. With the Istrian Breakfast, there is added value for accommodation providers and tourists are given the opportunity to discover and learn about the locals. The providers receive a commission for every breakfast sold at their accommodation.

The third level are the local providers of the experiences that are included in the price of the breakfast. Tourists receive five local experiences for free. They meet local people, local producers and discover their heritage and traditions. Tourists also have the opportunity to visit the producers and taste different products, buy them and bring them home. This was conceptualized with the intention to promote small local providers who usually do not have a big marketing budget, but can nevertheless offer the guests an authentic experience. At the end, memories are made not only of amazing sunsets or clean environment, but also through meeting new people, hearing their stories and discovering a new piece of the world and ourselves, and this is the main goal of travelling.

The above-mentioned innovative business model was successfully introduced and tested by our company in 2018. Stakeholders were satisfied and they received a good marketing promotion thanks to their collaboration into the project. Tourists spent approximately between 30 to 50 euro per visit at the local providers of experiences. There were also suggestions on how to improve the offer of the local food and the demand of the local products increased.


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