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Impact Tourism and WITH - World Impact Tourism Habitat

Primož ŠPORAR and Zef BERISAJ, No Profit – Innovative Services for Society Ltd. Slovenia, info@impact-tourism.net



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Tourism will never be entirely "green" or fully socially responsible, since each tourist makes a certain negative impact. The trends of rapid rise in global tourism have brought forth the negative effects of tourism, which poses a serious global challenge. Various forms of sustainable and responsible tourism include responses to such challenges mainly focusing on minimizing the harm. Impact tourism represents their upgrade. The purpose of impact tourism is to offer both tourists and tourist industry helping hand in co-creating a social footprint together. By doing so we create a global family that share the same values, which is why we called it WITH - World Impact Tourism Habitat.  More at: www.impact-tourism.net.

Impact (in the context of the impact tourism) means maximal positive footprint of tourism products on society (including social, nature-environment and economic dymensions).  To be innovative, an action must mark a milestone. Impactisation (as an action) is an innovative methodological production method where milestones are creation of a new impact tourism products, modification of existing ones or even changed business model for the tourist industry participating in the impact tourism. Impactisation is methodological production method resulting in creation of impact tourism products. Impact tourism products have specific common characteristics that we named/divided into groups, namely:  

In order to visualise, achieve and measure listed characteristics we formed a set of 10 + 1 indicators. For each indicator we use a set of at least 4 questions in order to help produce/develop impact tourism product or modify (impactise) existing ones. Finding answers while considering indicators results in innovative and “impactised” tourism products being attractive to tourists and competitive on the market while having maximised positive impact on society.  Process of impactisation can be used for different tourism product types (experiences, accommodation, transport, restaurants, services, events, tour packages, etc.). Such products create unique experience for tourist, contribute to social investment (into his/her empathy, knowledge, skills etc.) and result in his/her long-term interest in tourist destination. Concept and concrete impact tourism products also add width to tourism industry offer. Products are presented and bookable on the web portal and tourist are thus given the opportunity to see various products with lighted or illuminated indicators that meet impact tourism characteristics. Our purpose, however, is not to certify the products or to differentiate between "more" and "less" benficial/useful tourism products.


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