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Change the course of history, if you dare?

»Change the course of history« is an inovative project that combines virtual reality with classic tourist offer. The purpose of virtualization is to improve the experience for consumers, that gain a much better perspective of an historical era with the help of virtual reality. They actually become players of medieval time, with missions to accomplish. Our experience combines present, past and future and evokes all senses with the help of virtual reality, that puts us in Old castle Celje at medieval times.  The exoerience is meant for all that adore strategic computer games, based on medieval history. But our experience does not only exist on screen, it is also happening in reality.

Our  story is founded on the story of Counts of Celje. We are entering the medieval time,  the time of the most important and influential late medieval noble dynasty on the territory of Slovenia. You enter the forbidden love story between Friderik and Veronika. Friderik was the son of Herman Count of Celje, who did not approve the love affair between his son and beautiful Veronika. So he locked him up in a tower and declared her a witch, demanded that they drown her in a whel …But now history can go the other way arround. Now you are given the power to change the course of history, to ensure their survival, make their majestic love story come true fort he first time!

Every player becomes Friderick, locked up in prison. He must overcome all the obstacles in order to save his beloved Veronika and find the key that openes the gates of her prison. The player is very involved in the experience, the medieval time and space, able to observe the true image of Celje Castle as it was in the times of Counts of Celje.


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