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Moustache Tour

The new type of guided tour by Ljubljana Tourism in cooperation with cultural tourism specialists - Nea Culpa Tourism Marketing Agency, theatre director Jaša Koceli and scriptwriter Simon Hernaus. Cycling tour to the most beautiful streets, parks and sightseeing spots in Ljubljana is a story about the three giants of Slovenia, who were all moustachioed and daring, each in his own way. Jože Plečnik, Ivan Cankar and Richard Jakopič are linked together in a story about an Architect, a Writer and a Painter. As visionaries and giants of art, each of them left a mark on Ljubljana and Slovenia. Moustachioed tour guide helps the guests to find out their lifestyle, they co-create it and also participate in the tour. The animated elements act as surprises on the way and encourage the active participation of guests who in 3 houses – Plečnik's House, the National Gallery and Cankar's Room in Rožnik – get special tips in the form of life wisdom of the Architect, the Painter and the Writer. At the end of the tour is a break at Cankar's coffee with potica and a commitment to norture their crativity. This is accomplished in the big final, when guests with a mustachioed guide enter the grafic studio of International Centre of Graphic Arts (MGLC) where they get a gift and advice on how to feed creativity (and mustaches) within yourself.


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