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 Borut Ambrožič

A mobile guide for exceptional trees in the city parks of Maribor

The idea for Green Tourist Innovation "Mobile Guide to Exceptional Trees in the Urban Parks of Maribor" is an upgrade of the printed version of the publication, which we issued last year in cooperation with the Inter municipal Office for the Protection of the Environment and Nature Conservation. Unlike a guided tour, using a mobile application that the user can load on his smartphone, he can experience this experience also later on. Using a mobile guide allows users a new way of experiencing independent viewing of exceptional trees in the Urban Parks of Maribor. Compared to traditional ways of monitoring information, the use of a mobile guide is easier and more interactive. Each of the presented tree sights will be equipped with photographs, contact information, map display, with the possibility to plot paths from the current location of the user to the tree sights themselves. It is a green tourist product that addresses all generations and will be available in several languages ​​Slovenian, English, German, Croatian, Latin, Esperanto, etc.

vir: Slovenska turistična organizacija




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