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With a click among animals

In accordance with its reputation, the Maribor aquarium-terrarium deserves a greater exposure as a tourist point in the city.  In 39 large aquariums that imitate river, lake and sea environments from all around the globe, there are 120 species of fish and the terrarium presents over 50 species of reptiles, amphibians and insects. Since its opening, the Maribor aquarium-terrarium has been visited by more than 2,2 million visitors.

As a tourist point in Maribor, the aquarium seems quite neglected and could attract more tourists through modern advertising. For this reason, the company Avant group decided to create a special advertising support in the form of VR 360° tour through the aquarium and terrarium. The specialty of this tour is a combination of VR 360° photographs and VR 360° video with information on animals and display of a point on the map that shows their natural habitat. The user would travel with his mouse on the computer screen through the aquarium and terrarium and view them under the 360 degree angle. The specialty would be the entry into selected aquariums and terrariums by clicking the computer mouse. This means that the aquariums and terrariums would be recorded among the animals and reptiles in their natural habitat as a VR 360° video. The animals would be moving on the screen and the user could follow them with his mouse.

The tour would serve as tempting information for the website of the Maribor aquarium-terrarium, the short VR360 videos would be recorded for publishing on social media as invitations and points of interest for domestic and foreign visitors. This form of promotion would definitely arouse much more attention and this would consequently mean more visitors and an increase in revenue of the Maribor aquarium-terrarium.

Foto: Marko Petrej




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