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Tour of Ljubljana Market and Breakfast

Experiences are a trend in tourism, including those focused on green and sustainable tourism and cuisine. Slovenia will become the 2021 European Region of Gastronomy and, at Ljubljana Tourism, we have decided to design a new product: The Tour of Ljubljana Market and Breakfast (Ogled ljubljanske tržnice z zajtrkom) to upgrade our selection of tours.

The new product Tour of Ljubljana Market and Breakfast will be designed in such a way to present our guests with the gastronomy habits of the Slovenians, the characteristic products of Ljubljana and other products offered by farmers and other producers in the city surroundings. Apart from the local cuisine, the guests will have an opportunity to explore the central market, designed by the architect Jože Plečnik, which is important from the perspective of culture and tradition of Slovenian cuisine since this is where the locals meet and shop. The tour will include the tasting of local produce from the market and, in conclusion, we will serve our guests the original Ljubljana breakfast.

Our objective is to successfully introduce this new product to the market, being of innovative and authentic quality. The guests of the tour will indulge in the atmosphere of Ljubljana life in the market and experience the many interesting attractions of the Ljubljana market and the culinary tradition.





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