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Unexpected sports and creative tourist experience

Sport and recreation. Creativity and ethnological heritage. Both together? Hm. Are you serious? And why on earth would we do that?! In area of Posocje and Slovenian Istria. Are you questioning us now, why that?! Slow down. Let´s do that step by step. Would you go on walking tour (guided hike) or cycling tour on location, where you actually don´t need a tour guide. NO! You are absolutely right. We wouldn´t go either. Really. Why should we? Actually there is no sense.

… except in occasion that we offer you something more. Much more than if you go on that kind of tour alone. Adventure, that you would remember for ever. Do you agree?

Did you know that Slovenian Istria do 61,97% of all lodging in just four months in summer. Did you know that Posočje do 80,51% of all lodging in just four months in summer too?

1+1 is always  2. Both locations are fully booked during the summer time and lack of additionl offer in other 8 months, bring us to decision, to start thinking of new tourism product, which will upgrade current offer and help us to prolong the season, which will follow the elements of sustainable development and it will include local specifics and local heritage. Everything would happen on foot or  with bicycle without using a car (except for transportation to starting and final point, if it´s not possible to make a circular route). We will combine hiking and biking with creativity, culture, ecology, traditional knowledge and experiences. Trekking a creative experience. For the first time in Slovenia. Become an example of good practice. An example to yourself and others. Unexpected is the best.

Istra iz Slavnika (arhiv STO)
Dobrote Istre (Mihaela Rupnik)
Vas Hrastovlje (arhiv STO)




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