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LESPORT BOOKING SLOVENIA - online travel agency, integral sports-tourism products, digital marketing and active boutique experiences

We are developing and realizing authentic sports and tourism products that challenge, motivate and inspire tourists in Slovenia every day.

LESPORT 1983, the Agency for Marketing, Organization, Online Sales and Development of Sports and Tourism Products (Tourist Arrangements) is a new established Online Travel Agency (OTA) on the Slovenian market. We are applying to tender Snovalec 2019 with the multi-segment invention / innovation in tourism:

    establish a new company - the Agency

    Activity 1: A holistic approach for advanced digital marketing approach for providers of sports, wellness and tourism services (B2B)

    Activity 2: developing new integrated sports and tourism products and online sales (B2C)

    tool: online selling site & blog

    applications: advanced software information technologies for after a purchase is made (monitoring, encouraging the user to decide on the purchase of the product) as a key factor of the scalable business model


WHY will we succeed?

    because we will be solving customers’ problems

    because we know the providers’ problems

    because the entire business model is based on the level of excellence in a implementation and holistic approach

    because of unique products - unrepeatable, full of experience and surprises

    because every product will follow its own story

    because we received the first positive responses from potential customers, providers and partners

    because we analyzed the trends and market opportunities for active tourism

    because we analyzed the target customers and we know their characteristics, travel habits, motives, interests, expectations

    because we will present Slovenia to our customers in a way that they understand the message of the brand I feel Slovenia

    because next to sports and wellness services, we will also include top-class cuisine, culture, art, history with the aim of discovering Slovenian tradition and authenticity

    because we checked sales channels and we know how to sell

    because we are aware that the the key of success are networking and collaboration is this way we can win the "whole world"

    because we have professional & visionary consultants and mentors from different professional fields

    because we will begin products testing early in the summer (velocity, learning, focus)

    because we defined the initial priorities and identified the basic critical risks - the product, the buyer, the market

    because we know that customers are our most credible teachers

    because the substantiated reviews will be heard

    because we will create authentic, boutique, active, unique, relaxed and fun experiences in special locations

    because our competitive advantage is the maximization of quality services, quick responsiveness and professionalism

    because our products will be sustainable

    because in development of sports and tourism products we will follow the criteria of 5-star experiences (STO)

    because we will cooperate with providers that have added value and the highest standard of service quality

    because we will develop and sell products each day - 365 days

    because with an innovative mobile application, we will be in touch with the customer from the purchasing decision onwards

    because we will earning the trust of customers

    because we will acquire for the certificate to guarantee of a secure online shopping

    because we have a clear picture of financial construction

    because our team is eager for challenges, we are persistent, we believe in invention/innovation, with have a sufficient degree of patience, we are actively engaged

    because we will hold on to the principle of "Divide and Rule"





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