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Open Villages

OPEN VILLAGES is a new 5 * EXPERIENCE of rural tourism , which includes a unique experience of staying in an attractive, sustainable unit with an additional offer of E-bikes and an authentic experience of life in the village.

The product is supported by an innovative franchise system that ensures the success of the entire network of partners : franchisee, franchisee (tenants of mobile homes or e-bikes), service providers (accommodation, catering ...), locals-providers of crops, domestic craft products, public institutions: tourism institutes, TICs, museums, attractions (rafting, paragliding, kayaking ...).

Unique tourist offer is based on:
a) the "open door" of the locals,
b) "innovative accommodation solution" with a strong sustainable note
c) additional offers of the tourist product of e-Bikes,
d) a unique and innovative franchise system ( friendly financial model for partners)  with its own reservation system (connected with global) and an excellent management model based on top quality service and the goal of offering a 5 * experience at the right price.
e) support of professional institutions (central coordinating unit, tourist information centers, museum and other organizations that are responsible for the valorization of material and intangible cultural heritage)
f) digital global promotion (excellent tools: web, social networking, booking system, smartphone application and good promotional web: promo movie, animated banners, e-brochure ...)





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