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To start again is OK. - From the Sunrise to the Sunrise.

From the Sunrise to the Sunrise is a project that emerged from love to the wondrous nature and to the recognition of its positive effects on our everyday and holiday.
This year we add 3 novelties to the project:
1. The content, or rather, the attraction of people and the organization of parallel events, which serve as an example of the stimulation / strengthening / expansion of the relationship with the prospect of memorizing the experience, for many also the introduction of a radical change in the lifestyle;
2. Updated website;
3. Possibility to participate in this unique event also for foreign visitors to Slovenia.
In the new beginnings, we want to foster a newer, more then, a better way of life. Last but not least, we would like to allow foreign visitors / guests to make part of the event and experiences that happen only once a year, always at another location in Slovenia, and all positive and good people are gathered there. By doing so, our land is not only presented through the natural and cultural heritage, but also as a land of authentic and exceptional people living there.




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