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Land unit evaluation for sustainable tourism development

Cultural landscapes - areas of rich natural and cultural diversity, illustrative and imaginary areas of fairy tales and fables. Exploring interaction between the elements within you get a sense of their great importance on which the protection and preservation are based on. Despite the huge symbolic, socio-economic, cultural as well as natural importance they represent a fragile ecosystem that cannot exist as such without a balanced and sustainable development.

We need to acknowledge the fact that cultural landscapes are in the eyes of the general public still represented as places with a low-income value that does not contribute to the welfare of the local community. However, the fact remains that different ecosystem provides a large variety of services that have a significant value in tourism development.

The idea, which is presented below in more detail (contact the author for full access), is based on the process of historical analyses of space, and later, with the help of evaluation technics, it helps us to identify key areas and how these key areas can be integrated into tourism products, which will ensure the preservation of the cultural and natural environment and long-term social development of the area.

The main purpose of the idea is thus to create a new methodological approach and especially how to conceptualize the method in order to be applicable to other areas around the world.

Miha Markelj


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