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Escape Castle

With this exciting adventure game with elements of the game “Escape Room”, you will learn about the history of the city in a playful way, have great fun and maybe even save a dragon!

There are five fun challenges in which you will learn about the history of the city, have great fun and maybe even save a dragon, the very dragon that is the guardian of the city and that fell into the earth after a clash with Knight George. It seems that the citizens are missing the dragon, as its image can be found in the city coat of arms and flag, on the Dragon Bridge, on the registration plates of cars registered in Ljubljana, on manhole covers, on the steps of the castle tower, and so on. The dragon even appears in fairy tales and songs, and features as a symbol and mascot of sports clubs, as it represents power and greatness. But where did it disappear to?

One day, during the renovation of the castle, a deep abyss suddenly opened up. Smoke occasionally rose from it. Renowned researchers from all over the world brought state-of-the-art equipment to the scene of the event and detected a weak pulse of life deep down in the unfathomable depths. Is it possible that the dragon is at the bottom of the abyss?

But who could revive it?

Only the noblest, most resourceful, most honest, bravest and most devoted knight could be up to the task. Are you perhaps the one who, in five dragon tests, will prove that you are brave enough and that noble blood flows through your veins?

But beware: you only have one hour!

The innovative game starts and ends in the Info Centre. There, after being acquainted with the general conditions, the team gets a game plan and a medallion. The team consists of two to four players, who, in no more than one hour and in various locations within the castle walls, must solve the five riddles of the knightly trials and break through to the research camp. There, the last, most important test awaits: to revive the dragon. Only the best can succeed.

foto Miha Mally
foto Miha Mally
foto Miha Mally




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