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 Katarina Nia

November Gourmet culinary festival

November Gourmet Culinary Festival is a product within the newly introduced brand Gourmet Ljubljana. It consists of culinary related activities, which increase the tourists interest for their visit to Ljubljana in the month of November, when the city usually records lower numbers of overnight stays.

 At the same time, we are introducing a new culinary event that builds on the efforts of the entire culinary offer and will become traditional over the years. In the course of the month-long activities, tradition is built mainly with the closing event called November Gourmet Finale, which is a true culinary spectacle of authentic gourmet experiences of Central Slovenia, created under the direction of the leading Central Slovenian cooking masters.

In terms of communication, the product is intended for both domestic and foreign audiences. First year's attention was devoted primarily to the domestic public, in order to create stories that will be representative in all subsequent years among foreign visitors. Within the project, the people of Ljubljana were given a chance to co-create and share their culinary knowledge and pleasures at the prize competition where the new taste of Ljubljana was chosen. November Gourmet product offers a series of culinary experiences that are held all year round in Ljubljana, intended for all generations.

The product also encompassed the already existing culinary projects, such as wine experiences, culinary tours, etc., as well as various culinary workshops and sessions with chefs. The product has an important value in connecting the entire Ljubljana’s restaurant offer, as in November, under the brand November Gourmet, caterers create occasional menus and put their focus on November Gourmet experiences.





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