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BIG BERRY Luxury Lifestyle Resort

The BIG BERRY trademark symbolizes a natural and healthy lifestyle, the enjoyment of nature in a naturally friendly way - while preserving the natural environment. It combines two conflicting desires: a comfortable stay and an experience of freedom and peace in a genuine natural environment. BIG BERRY is the solution to combine these two wishes of a modern tourist into a complete luxury of freedom. BIG BERRY's logo is a circle, since the circle is the most complete form in nature - it has no interruptions, symbolizes smile, happiness, eternity, connectivity and connectivity of people.

BIG BERRY is a new concept of mobile homes that meet the highest standards of modern design and superior comfort. The main features are comfort and design. It is designed for campsites, resorts and creative hotels. BIG BERRY is a dwelling concept with a dynamic character that perfectly combines the need for living in nature with the comfort of a modern home. It offers a variety of spatial concepts that can be fully adapted to the needs of users. Customers, regardless of their lifestyle, can spend their holidays and leisure in the perfect harmony of the surrounding area.

In addition to staying in luxury mobile homes, the BIG BERRY brand offers guests the entire tourist destination. Staying at the resort is not the only purpose of the offer, but to present the guests' experiences and characteristics of the whole destination with more than 30 cooperative contracts with local partners, which offer services, sports activities, hiking, cultural events, acquaintance with cultural heritage. All the cooperatives are joined into sustainable business concept called BBpartners which works towards building a strong network of brands with aim to grow together. Along with that, brand consist of BBuniversity, concept of gathering multicultural students for creative development of projects; BBphotographers, concept of partnering with professional photographers for purposes of development of destination and promotion; Bbdesigners, individuals or studios who are signing a brand element with high life expectancy. Many other product in BIG BERRY are interconected and serve as a platform of growth and network in tourism and business.





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