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Krvavec Troll Adventure

Krvavec Troll Adventure: Presentation of the natural and cultural heritage and the motivation for entering the world of hiking as one product? - it sounds incredible, but an innovative tourist product Krvavec Troll Adventure on Krvavec deliberately linked all these values ​​and goals into one product that is somethng special: as a result of their stories and the top quality of the visual arts, its complexity, accomplishment and rich content. It is a tourist product, which is designed according to the innovative model of cultural and natural heritage presentation and focuses on the segment of family tourism. The model enables the integration of existing values ​​on the mountain (pasture, flora and favna, mountaineering), involves and connects local suppliers from the region (cuisine), includes local hobbies (printers, chisels, carpenters, etc.) generates new human resources - training interpretive guides and allowing them to independently implement management programs, and to develop new group and school management programs. Above all, it opens completely new possibilities of marketing and promotion, since its starting point is a recognizable and top-notch art figure (ilustrator Gorazd Vahen) and firmly defined CGP.



Pot pastirskih škratov na Krvavcu
Foto: Iztok medja
Foto: Iztok Medja
Foto iztok Medja




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