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TravelAR Slovenia

With TravelAR we want to resurect the lost cultural heritage in towns and cities with the use of AR (augmented reality) technology.

Over the course of several months enthusiasts from Kočevje and Črnomelj followed intensive workshops, learning the ins and outs of 3D modeling with Maya 3D Autodesk software. They were conceptualizing, researching and co-creating the content which is the basis for the resulting TravelAR Slovenia application.

Creating content is the key to creating Slovenia as an AR destination for lost cultural heritage. By organising AR workshops on a local level we aim to educate both young and old with thirst for knowledge of new technologies. And in the process of learning create the content for local lost cultural heritage and offer it as a local tourism product. In 2018 our goal is to add 7 new stories of Slovenian lost cultural heritage.

Raziskovanje vsebine skozi interaktiven 3D model Kočevskega graddu tudi na pisalni mizi
TravelAR Slovenia logotip
Črnomelj - staro mestno jedro - obujeno s TravelAR Slovenia
Obujen Kočevski grad v aplikaciji TravelAR Slovenia
Obogatena resničnost v centru Kočevja - s pametnimi očali




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