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Kneippus is an innovative tourist project that adds value to the new range of “Kneipping” products offered in Terme Snovik.

With this new product we aim to adapt the traditional form of Kneipping to the contemporary touristic trends and customers. As Kneipping was once flourishing in the nearby town of Kamnik, we aim to uphold and expand upon this tradition.

The essence of project Kneippus is to adapt our accommodation, meditation room and common areas for implementating Kneipping’s Healthy Lifestyle – the fifth pillar of the Kneipping program. Already built from natural materials, these areas will be further refurbished and adapted to accommodate for a natural way of life. Furthermore, the relaxation and meditation room will be outfitted with a kitchen area, where Kneipping recipes will be prepared in culinary classes. Kneipping’s water, relaxation and other practices will take place in the main pool area of Terme Snovik, where we aim to increase the efficiency of implemented programs by providing the necessary equipment and structuring our areas to better support our project. By doing this, we aim to reach a long-term effect with our guests, by teaching them about Kneipping’s healthy lifestyle to such an extent, where they can implement a large part of the program in their daily life, at home or elsewhere. By improving their health, and their spiritual and mental strength, Kneippus gives our guests the skills and know-how for a healthier and happier life, regardless of age.





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