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Our ancestors spent majority of their time hunting and gathering food for survival. It is much easier for us today to find food. But what happens if you are a tourist and visiting Slovenia? How do you find good places to go eat? How do know if they have wifi or is it child friendly? How do you know that when it says vegan it’s not just grilled paprika?! 

There is TripAdvisor one may answer! But we will politely disagree. Tripadvisor today is nothing more than a scam where restaurants that were lucky enough to join it early and collected reviews from their guests are sitting right on the top and specially restaurants that are located right in the center of cities. The rest of the restaurants are suffering or slowly shutting down. We must change this.

Slovenia is receiving large number of tourists every year and we want to make sure that each region of Slovenia can benefit from the influx of tourists and each restaurant is showcased at the best possible way.

Our mission at Forksi is to create a digital platform and showcase all Slovenian restaurants, cafes and other gastronomic locations to the tourists. We want to present each place as it is without any form of manipulation from reviews or false persuasion. We want to showcase their food and story to all the tourists visiting Slovenia and to us Slovenes as well.


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