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Open Villages

Open village is a new countryside concept of soft tourism. Alongside the unique experience of living in the utterly attractive mobile unit of accommodation, the guests have the ability to experience the authentic life on the countryside. The latter beats and breathes in its own rhythm; in harmony with the nature, the seasons and the legacy of our ancestors. Through their visit, the tourists can immerge themselves in the everyday life of a villager, farmer, gardener, bee-keeper, butcher, craftsman, innkeeper and can choose between savouring the products or even participate in the production process.

Accommodation at the micro locations on the countryside/ in villages is an excellent starting point for tourists to enrich their experience with activities proposed by the comprehensive tourist offer in their immediate vicinity. An alternative way of travelling from and between providers and attractions are e-bikes.

The association of Open Villages is formed by a network of partners, all equally interested in the success of the project; franchise holder, franchises (tenants of mobile accommodation units or e-bikes), service providers (accommodation, caterings), local-crops suppliers, craftsmen, as well as public institutions: tourism institutes, TIC’s, museums, attractions (rafting, paragliding, kayaking, etc.).

Open villages are creating a unique tourist experience based on:

  1. “open doors” of locals
  2. Innovative solution of mobile accommodation unit with a strong ecological and sustainable note
  3. Additional offer of e-bikes
  4. Unique and innovative franchise model (mobile unit’s and e-bike’s  tenants friendly financial model) and excellent management model (top quality for 5* experiences)
  5. Support from professional institutions ( central coordination office, Tourist information centres, museums and other organizations in charge of valorisation of material and intangible cultural heritage)
  6. Digital promotion (great tools: the world wide web, social media, booking system, mobile phone app, and a great promotional network: promo video, animated banners, e-prospect …)

Open Villages offer answers to current challenges of Slovenian tourism:

  1. Lack of unique and long-term “tourist offers”
  2. Scattered countryside with large, unused and unconnected potential
  3. Lack of accommodation capacities on the countryside
  4. The poor placement of the rich cultural, historical and natural heritage in the offer
  5. Untapped trend of increasing visits to Slovenia and the possibility of dispersal to the countryside (2-3 night accommodation, learning about places, people, customs, traditions…)
  6. Slow responsiveness to demand trends: natural, ecological, sustainable. 




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