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Parfum Emona

Emona's perfume is the story of our ancestors in EMona territory, it is the spirit of time, hidden in a small bottle. In it is the fragranced magic formula, which for centuries has stunned and seduced the true alpha men, rulers, military leaders, thinkers and philosophers.

At the time of the Roman Empire, the inhabitants were preparing the scents from the extracts of various plants which were mixed in Olive Oil.  Romans'women parfume, who were living in the today's Ljubljana territory, are soft, full of silky, irritating and basic tones, at the same time it is seductive, erotic, but gentle and consistent. Because its ingredients are mixed with olive oil, they give the skin a fleshy flower, gently erotic, but a strong feminine and dignified structure.It is a fragrance made out of natural ingredients without chemicals, etc. the additives that today's cosmetics industry adds to perfumes. It is stored in small, handmade clay amphorae, the same as those used by Women of Roman Empire Emona. It is packaged in an also handmade, environmentally-friendly carton.

As aromas do, also this fragrance influences body, mind and soul of a woman wearing it and a man being close to her. Parfume Emona is cultural heritage of our women ancestors from Roman Emona, which was once upon a name for Ljubljana city.





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