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 Betnava hotel

I feel local

In Betnava Hotel Maribor, that is in management of company 5 START d.o.o., we appreciate quality and value that our local food products bring to our offer, so we have partnered with local food and beverage manufacturers and implemented it in our offer. In our everyday rich buffet breakfast you can find plenty of home-made products and delicacies. With a project called "I feel local", we through our traditional tastes and quality food wanted to intoduce our region, culture and Slovenian tradition to our guests.
We are clearly aware that tourism is a living industry, so our team strives for continuous growth and progress. Thus, in order to offer our rich and original experience to our guests and other visitors to our region, we developed the idea of ​​upgrading the project I feel local.
Considering the upgrade, we had several factors in mind: an additional offer for our guests, a greater recognition of the region, an increase of tourists in the region, the contribution to the domestic economy, cooperativity between local tourism actors and local food suppliers. This gave rise to the idea of ​​an interactive application whereby the guests of the hotel and other tourist, could see the list and offer of smaller local tourism providers / food manufacturer with tourism offer (touristic farms, beekeepers, oil plants, vineyards and wineries, etc.) that are nerby or in the region. By scanning the QR code at each local product that we offer (on buffet brekfast, locl shop, etc) a desctiption of local food provider will appeare aside with his offer, photographs of his work and location with directions. This way the guest would be intrigated to visit the manufacturer and to see his offer live.
Trends of tourism show that there is growing interest in genuine contact with the local environment, tradition and learning about culture through boutique, non-mass forms of tourism. The Styrian region has enormous predispositions for important tourist development with its uniqueness, rich wine and gastronomic tradition.
Smaller local food manufacturers and tourism providers often do not have means or knowleadge for advertising and digital promotion, so even tourists who are looking for genuine experience, like they offer, do not come to them.
By providing guests to a smaller local supplier, a Slovenian farmer, we contribute to his existence, we give him support and reward for his efforts, and consequently also the development and growth of the domestic economy. On the other hand, we provide an interactive tourist product with high added value to our guests and tourist of our lovely city of Maribor.




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