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The project received financial and consulting support at the first tourist national hackathon in Slovenia.

This is a short presentation of the project and the idea realization milestones. 

We offer you a unique experience - interlacement of present, past and future as never seen before. Dare to enter the medieval time, in the time of Counts of Celje, the most important and influential late medieval noble dynasty on the territory of present-day Slovenia. Enter the forbidden love story between Friderik and Veronika. You have the power to change the course of history, to ensure their survival, make their majestic love story come true!

The medieval castle comes alive with the help of virtual reality glasses. You are faced with challenges you have to beat single-handedly! Beat the medieval range, double-cross the guard, save Veronika from drowning in the well, free Friderik from the locked up darkroom. Dare to enter an adventure, that will awake all your senses!

So, we give you the power to change the path of history ... Do you dare?

The power to change the course of history – who does it benefit?


  1. … for Slovenia – experiencing an adventure, that combines virtual and real, giving people a lifetime experience to impact history like never seen before. A innovative tourist product that will put Slovenia on global touristic map.
  2. … for everyone! Anyone can create a unique memorable experience of changing the history. Getting to know a specific historian age for the first time “in real”.
  3. … LARP world. Making Slovenia a boutique and attractive destination for LARP communities worldwide.
  4. … suburbian Slovenia! Reducing tourism concentration to only city centers like Ljubljana. Encouraging tourists to get to know our countryside, our history …
  5. … locals! Working with locals, involving them to an experience, memorable for all . Promoting local history and making “dull school history lessons” interactive, interesting, memorable …
  6. … Being able to experience a part of history that you were not able before. Not only that! Getting to know what happens, when you change the course of history!
  7. … of “socializing” people – a friendly way of combining technology and reality. Moving people away from “computer games” and encouraging them to “live” the game. Moving away from computer games and making an medieval experience come alive.


Q1 2018:

  • Start ABC Accelerator program - Business development training
  • Searching partnerships in VR, LARP segment
  • Start minimum cost product development

Q2 2018:

  • Target the demographic
  • Product development
  • Partnerships and brand development

Q3 2018:

  • Implementation of product
  • Raise funds

Q4 2018:

  • Optimizing product
  • Presentation at STO Days of Tourism the development of idea

Q1 2019:

  • Full Launch of product
  • Global marketing campaign

Become a part of this innovative tourist product! For any question or questions please contact us on







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