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The first new chocolate variety in 80 years (Chocolate news #1)

This post is a part of AIRTHplorers series written by passionate people out there, working on their products, projects, and innovations. We have invited them to share their pick of trends and novelties that might be a passion-match for you too! 

Hi guys! First, let me introduce myself to AIRTH and AIRTHplorers community. I am Andraz Gavez, just a normal 27-year old guy who is really passionate about the chocolate industry and obviously loves good quality chocolate. Quality always over quantity, just to be sure. Some people also call me Slovenian Willy Wonka. I am the CEO of the fastest growing chocolate company in the Adriatic region - - a webshop that is like a niche, chocolate Amazon. For the average person, we are like a heaven on earth. Limitless supplies of chocolate :)

As a director of the company I am constantly in touch with different chocolatiers, trends in food/horeca industry and that means that with my chocolate team we visit a lot of trade fairs too. In this post, I would like to share with you a first few interesting trends and topics discussed in the chocolate industry right now. Maybe you will be surprised and fascinated too. All the linked sources are YouTubes video with lots of interesting sweet-tooth motion:

A Swiss company has broken the chocolate paradigm of dark, milk and white—by introducing the world to ruby chocolate. Its color is pinkish and ingredients all-natural. The company claims this is the first new chocolate variety in 80 years.

And two more recent venues for chocolate trend hunters:

South Africa Expo 2017  - Johannesburg showcases latest coffee and chocolate trends

Sigep 2018 - International Trade Show of Artisan Gelato, Pastry, Bakery and the Coffee World

That's it for today - quality over quantity! Let me know if you find any new chocolate trend hints, while I would be glad if you could share your opinion on our latest product, just launched a few days ago: a luxury premium gift, 3D chocolate-variety map of




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