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Hotel Tivoli between memories and dreams

The Swiss house, once Hotel Tivoli, is a recently renovated wooden building in the middle of a city's green oasis called Tivoli. It is known for its very prominent history of artistic and politic life. First it was known as Hotel Tivoli, but later it got the Swiss name fot its Alpine image. It was a nest of  poor habitants and artists for almost 200 years, some of them very important for Slovenian culture as Ivan Cankar the writer, Ivan Zajec and Jakof Brdar the sculpturers. The Swiss house is also closely binded to Plecnik's Promenade and Avditorij Tivoli.

Sensorial guidance is ment for visitors who dare to experience a full sensorial immersion into many moments of the history of a Hotel Tivoli. The esperience is playful, full of curiosity, poetic of space and all 5 senses.

The sensorial language includes features such as public interaction, multisensorial perception and internationally and interculturaly understandable content. Interactivity is not a technological or intelectual mode of interaction, but a direct communication between audience and performers (in tourism guides), which takes place live and with reciprocal communication between all parties involved. Sensorial tools include smell, taste and touch and alow the audience a deeper immersive experience.  Its tools of sensual communication equally incorporate smell, taste and tactile stimuli, enabling the recipient’s direct and complete physical immersion into the situation and exceeding the usual mere “mental” reflection of what we perceive when we are listening and looking at somebody's presentation of historical data.

This all are reasons to share and offer sensorial language for touristic purposes of full immersion into the story, to experience the 200 years of history of life in a special artistic Swiss house.




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